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Save Korean Dogs is a very small activist group/a rescue team fighting against the dog meat trade in Korea past seven years. SKD is the first generation advocated for the so called “meat dogs” in Korea. A non profit org registered in the city of Gimpo, Korea. SKD operates out of the Sanctuary which is Nami’s house turned into a shelter in early 2016. SKD Sanctuary began its own shelter in Incheon city prior to Gimpo.

The board of directors of SKD registered in Korea consists of four, Nami Kim, JW Park (Nami’s architect friend) Madeline Warren and another Nami’s rescue friend in the neighbor Jung Gum Park. The Org currently has sixteen active rescue members who are animal rights activists working tirelessly on the ground front line in Korea. SKD have a network of rescuer team in various cities all over Korea which had been built over the last eight years since Nami’s full time to the cause.


Pls, go to PAGE HELP THE ORG to know what you can do and to share the info tweets about how to help


Pls, go to the section RESCUE to see and share SKD rescues of these last years


Pls, go to the section JOB/SHELTER/ACTIVITIES/CAMPAIGNS to see and share SKD activities

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Pls, go to the section LOCAL SKD CAMPAIGNS to support our actions to shut down the dog meat farms


Pls, go to the section OUR VICTORIES to know our campaigns closed and the good results achieved


Pls, go to the section SUCCESS STORIES to see and share all the dogs saved by SKD


Pls, go to the section SPECIAL STORIES to best adoptions of our dogs rescued

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Pls, go to the section MEDIA & TRIBUTES to read articles/reports and to watch videos about the org

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