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Rescues from Youngchon Puppy Mill in #Kyungbuk



"Youngchon is a small city in Kyungbuk province near southern tip of Korean peninsular. 78 puppies were surrendered by the owner who is giving up the whole business due to his health. Teamwork was needed and five local rescue groups stepped in. SKD was one of those. We have three poerarian from the 78. One boy and two girls are the cuttest but the boy is very traumatized. We are giving them the time to warm up."

"Team work needed. We won't be able to take them all 70 + so we teamed up with ARK119 and a few small local groups for the dogs from a puppy mill shutting down in Kyungbuk province next week. The owner is hospitalized and surrendering them all..."

Siun’s Rescue – Namyangju City



Siun is a big rescuer in the city of Namyangju, one place with active dog meat trade. As an individual rescuer she’s been saving over 40 dogs in total. One black dog near her home she used to feed belongs to a Buddhist monk. She gave birth to eight puppies in the cold winter early 2020. The monk sells the dogs to dog traders come by during summer. Siun offered to help took the puppies and the mom to her vet.  She lost two black pups when parvo broke out, four white puppies survived. The boarding she was keeping the dogs was moving to another city and the puppies were getting too big. Nami offered to help Siun, two by two they joined SKD shelter. Bianco, Flavio, Peach and Poppy are those.


West Sea Cliff Rescue 4 Puppies



Three puppies were found near the sea cliff when our shelter volunteers went out to walk the dogs, Feb 8th. Our neighbor brought one more to us on the next day. Four white cute Jindo puppies were immediately vaccinated by our vet, estimated age about three months. 

Rescues at the #DogMeat Slaughterhouse in #Galsan #Gimpo



Galsan is a village about 30 minutes from SKD shelter. One activist came to inform Nami about this slaughterhouse located in Gimpo. It was the village chief running the whole operation. They collect dogs from the streets and villagers dump their dogs there. When Nami showed up there there was about 30 dogs but the village chief was saying they all have owners. There were three freezers at the slaughter scene full of dog meat. Nami reported to the City official and called the police.


"It was 12 initially they were willing to surrender but found more behind the cages.... I wonder how the Golden Retriever ended up in a slaughterhouse like this... We had the police just to protect me and my rescue member and had the village chief in presence. The butcher is an old man he is willing to surrender but not all..."

Dogs escaped from Sanchon #DogMeat Restaurant #Gimpo



We saved Holly and Jasper late September when the restaurant’s filthy cages were being dismantled, saved three more from the place. It was 2019 summer Boknal that I heard 4 dogs escape and ran away from the dog meat restaurant called “Sanchon” near shelter. The old man (owner) was transporting the dogs to the cage on its way to a slaughterhouse. Its been shut down (Sept. 2019) but the four dogs escaped roamed around the village. Mama Eve was one of them we managed to save after her 8 puppies. We got two of those 18th Feb using large traps. They were named Apple and Ginger.


Escaped from Paju Meat Dog Auction House

MARCH 2020


Our local rescue partner 119 ARK (Animal Rescue Korea) has been protesting at the Meat Dog Auction House in Paju City near the border. We’ve had the Auction House in Gimpo City shut down August 2019. We assume he was sold (with the blue powder on the forehead indicates “Sold”) He must have escape while being transported to a slaughterhouse and suffered a lot. He has many scars on the face and the legs. He was named Bravo by our Name Game. Bravo is warming up adapting to the new environment. He is friendly, vaccinated 22 kg, about 12 to 14 months old.

Puppies rescued from a farmer in #Changwon



"I spent days agonizing over a big rescue planed from last month. As a team, we’ve discussed enough and patiently waiting for a dog farmer to surrender his dogs. The old man (72 years old) is not well and he does not have enough to feed his dogs. Dogs are starving.
Food garbage collected from restaurants are what the dog farmers feed “meat dogs” being farmed strictly for human consumption...."

"Okju is an active rescue member of SKD in Changwon City down south of Korea. There were four dogs near her home waiting for a dog traders truck for this coming Boknal. She’s been feeding and kept the place clean while talking to the owner of the dogs who owns a factory that was shutting down due to the downturn. They let us take the four dogs early April 2020, two adults two 50 days old puppies but not the mom of the pack. After a long negotiations they agreed to spay the mom. Okju is taking the mom to get spayed and return the mom. The four are warming up dewormed, vaccinated and getting spayed/neutered..."

Mini Dog Meat Farm - Puppies Rescue

JULY 2020



It’s been like 4 years since we first rescued 8 dogs from this private farm and its been on going till this year. The butcher is a business man dealing with heavy machines such as excavator and folk lift and so on. He also raises goats and chickens in his office where all these machines are parked. He does not trust the quality of the meat being served at dog meat restaurants so he raises his own to cook and eat.

His mini farming facility needs to be monitored all the time. Nami one day went over and found three puppies. As a team we tried every possible ways had the police and the city official to get them out of the filthy cage.

He finally surrendered as he claims he collected the puppies in a mountain. By law its not allowed to pick an animal in the mountains unless with a license. When the city official said “You can be charged under the illegal hunting” then he surrendered. The three puppies were hit by parvo after a few days at the shelter. All made it thanks to our vet Dr.Gee.

Mom and puppies rescued from #Ganghwa Island

JULY 2020


"We saved four dogs (a mom and her three babies) right next to the restaurant. The lady who was feeding them cried while we pulled the dogs...This mama is named Joy yesterday by the Name Game. Heidi bought the raffle tickets. Her fate has completed changed in less than 2 hours.
Short chained, spicy soup garbage in her food bowl, water wasn't clean. They are doing fine settling in drinking lots of milk. We will have Joy vaccinated tomorrow and health checked..."








Last dog farm in #Jeonju City 62 Dogs Rescue



Out of the 62 dogs SKD took six from Jeonju City late July 2020. They are settling in fine.
This was one last dog farm/slaughterhouse hidden in the bushes located outskirt of the City. The animal welfare dept officials directed by mayor Kim are working on the remaining 8 dog meat restaurants in the City. Its going to be a dog meat free City. These restaurants get the meat supplied from a neighboring city Gimje. No more dog meat trade within the city. The officials led by Mr.Yang is keeping their eyes on in and out of the meat. However, there is no way one can stop the suppliers to the City till these restaurants are gone out of business or change menu.

Illegall hellhole dog meat farm Hanam



We came to know about the dog trader from an activist lives near the site. Her name is Angel To. When Nami came to know about the illegal dog farming at a corner of the park in Hanam City Nami met with the team and planned the rescue. When Nami first went over, she was so shocked to see the conditions of the dogs. It was more like a hell on earth.

A few days pass by with no success in the tiring negotiations. A few City officials came along but the dog trader (an old couple) was not willing to surrender. A few more activists in the City and our whole team was mobilized and visited the City hall and protested to take an immediate measure.

It was August 3rd that we finally had the dogs in our hands in the pouring and stormy rain thanks to the city officials and the city vet Dr.Lee. Total 14 dogs were pulled and a week later Kwan joined. We assume Kwan ran away before our pull and roamed around the site. He was caught by Angel.

Dog meat Slaughterhouse Hanam 



It was August the 3rd we as a team pulled the 14 dogs from the dog trader, an old couple. After the rescue we hear a few dogs roaming around the mountain in Hanam City. One dog farmer packed and left leaving some of his dogs behind. He simply disappeared without a trace. We assume he took the cages with him after dismantling them but left a torch and food processor behind.

These dogs set free from the butcher were not catch-able at all. However, the city official and one activist in our team Angel To managed to catch them one by one. Total ten dogs were transported on the 2nd week of September. One little black pup was locally adopted by a singer, a puppy by the name of Thomas (named by Name Game) passed away. We had 8 new faces added to the number of 15 from Hanam City. 

Rescues from Nung Village



Nung is a village next to the village where SKD shelter is located. Nami’s friend called and said “urgent rescue needed right now, a dog traders truck is on the way” Nami ran to the site. It was a little cabin of a home where the son kept three of his dogs. They were not tied then the  dogs used to go to chicken farms around the cabin every other day and killed many chickens. The whole village protested so his father called a dog trader. Nami ran to the site with a volunteer and go them all out of the cabin and transported them to shelter. It was early October 2020. Its mom and her two grown up dogs. Hyun took the mom back (only one didn’t kill the chickens) later when things were more peaceful in the village.

Rescues from back lane Dog Meat Auction House Nakwon 



Auction House is behind us, a tiny dog farm with slaughter scene was found at the back lane.

Rescue total five, one Golden Retriever, one Bichun, three Poodles. As far as I can see two poodles are Afghan Hound mix.

"This is an auction house located in Namyangju City.  We’ve been protesting at the auction and City Hall for the past three weeks. We found a little back lane where they were kept in cages. The condition was so bad. We managed to get the butcher surrender all the five dogs to us.  Our team worked so hard for it.

These five were named by our Name Game The Golden was FlutterNutter, BichunPoodle mix Joey, the Afghan Hound and poodle mix is named Lotus the terrier mix is now called Winnie. All have turned out with health issue"

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